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Sep 3, 2009
Crossdressing Comics

Crossdressing Comics

My recent visit to CrossDressComics provided a really needed change because the site was different to every other comic site that I'd ever visited, and I've obviously visited a helluva lot of them.

All the comics on the site are beautifully drawn and the colors are sensational but it is the site's cross-dressing theme that sets it apart, and if you enjoy the genre then you'll most likely fall in love with the site.

Every comic has a descriptive title and a story line so you have a good idea of what to expect before you open a comic, and the simple but effective navigation makes moving around the site both simple and pleasurable.

It abundantly clear from the wonderful way in which the site is put together and the quality of both the drawings and the stories that the creators of the site are fans of both comics and cross-dressing and the beautiful hand drawings, fabulous colors and lifelike stories, plus regular updates make this fairly new and very attractive site a must check-out one for comic lovers!

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Sep 3, 2009
Crossdressing porn

crossdressing porn

Although GaySissies is most likely to attract, gays, bisexuals and lovers of the cross-dresser niche, it's also very likely to attract straights too, because the site is not just about sucking and fucking but it's real interesting too.

GaySissies is hardcore and much of the sex is very explicit and graphic and if you want a really weird trip, then turn up the sound and watch some of the internal cum shots.

Cross-dressing is a way of life for the very pretty young guys on the site, and not a hobby. They are women trapped in men's bodies and they want all the things that every woman wants.

Way before they put on their frilly panties, women's clothes and makeup, the boys on the site look like pretty young women, and when they finish the transformation most men would go for them in a split second in a bar or a park.

The site is getting updated on a bi-weekly basis, and there's no DRM and no download limit.

There are real story lines too with intricate plots and they all stay in their niche and revolve around crossdressing.

I've read and heard that the orgasm that you get from being fucked in the as is much stronger than the one that's achieved by pussy fucking, and the lads on the site not only love being fucked but you get to see it all in wonderful 640x480 Divx format.

The price is right and the tour is excellent, so go take a look at it now.

Gay Sissies

Sep 1, 2009
Crossdresser Videos

crossdresser videos

The GayLikeGirl site features pretty boys that want to be pretty girls, and they're determined to enjoy what all straight women enjoy, which is a cock in every orifice.

You now know that the site is a hardcore one, but it's much more than that, because the site features both crossdressers and trannies which is something of a rarity.

One of the big pluses that the site has going for it is its story-lines, because they're excellent and really draw the viewer into the lives of the protagonists, and after a while you start to relate to their pain and joy, and it's easy to imagine that the pretty boys on the site started secretly experimenting with makeup and their sisters' and mother's clothes at a very young age.

The cross-dressers and trannies on the site aren't having fun with some exotic or erotic hobby, but are doing what they feel bound to do.

They're not attracted to women but to men, and there's seemingly nothing that they can do about it.

The graphic sex is great to watch, but the scenes in which the boys transform themselves in beautiful and very seductive looking women are perhaps what I remember most, and they are what will attract straight guys to the site too.

The site already has enough high quality pictures and videos to satisfy even the most demanding letch, and more are getting added on a regular basis.

The membership is spot on, and the tour is honest and gives a really good idea of what's on the site, so go check it out now.

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